Camden County NJ

Dialectic and Rhetoric Programs

Our Dialectic and Rhetoric Programs are for middle school and high school kids.

Our goals are to focus on what teens need:

  • Grow in virtue in the company of other saints
  • Prepare students to enter adulthood with the courage and confidence to change the world.
  • Participate in formative, lively discussions, projects, and communication¬†activities

Each week the kids will be studying:

  • Latin (all)
  • History Timeline ( dialectic)
  • Geography ( dialectic)
  • Church History (rhetoric)
  • Literature (all)
  • Catholic Culture and Virtue ( dialectic)
  • Composition (all)
  • Speech (memorizing selections from history/ presentations)(all)

They will rotate:

  • Fine arts (all)
  • science lab (dialectic)
  • US Government/Logic/ Economics(rhetoric)